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Diamant D.525 Steel Hand Grinder

SFr. 1,019.00
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Diamant D.525 Steel Hand Grinder

SFr. 1,019.00
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This Diamant D.525 steel hand manual grinder amazingly grinds fresh beans, coffee, spices, nuts, chemicals, etc without electricity. You can also easily make homemade fresh whole wheat flour. This grinding mill makes grinding fun, as very less physical strength is needed to operate it. You will surely enjoy the real pleasure of spicy and rich aromas that arise from the grinder.

Features of the Diamant D.525 steel hand grinder.

  • Its large flywheel provides higher leverage that helps to operate this manual grinder effortlessly with less physical strength.
  • Equipped with special feed screw high moisture content products can also be easily grind.
  • Build with solid cast iron and hammer; it is a long-lasting product for decades.
  • With adjustable discs, you can easily change the smoothness during the grinding process

Technical Specifications of the Diamant D.525 steel hand grinder.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 600 x 400 x 430 mm (including crank)
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Type: Melting
  • Hopper filling capacity: NS. 1 kg of grains
  • Grinding device: Steel disc crusher
  • Fineness adjustment: Loosen the fixing knob, then adjust the desired grinding fineness using the rotating screw, tighten the fixing knob.
  • Grinding wheel diameter: 12.5cm
  • Fine grinding power: Manual operation: about 120 g / min
  • Coarse grinding power: Manual operation: about 300 g / min
  • Seeds: No problem, but you may need to clean the grinder later (simple).
  • But: Food corn ok, but no popcorn corn.
  • Nuts: Yes, as long as the size of the cores passes through the grid (see photos) - the grid must not be removed (risk of injury if someone puts their fingers on it!).
  • Excellent performance even without electric current
  • Must be screwed to a stable table or the like - can also optionally be fixed with special table clamps.
  • Whether in the hotel's fitness room (preparing dinner, etc.) or on the mountain pastures: ready for use in all situations.
  • The transmission can also be ensured by a pedal device to install oneself,
  • Or driven by a V-belt and a motor. The maximum number of revolutions must be observed so that the steel discs do not heat up too much.
  • Guarantee: 2 years