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Kuvings HealthFriend Smart Juicer Motiv1 SuperPlus

SFr. 778.00
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Kuvings HealthFriend Smart Juicer Motiv1 SuperPlus

SFr. 778.00
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The SuperPlus pack includes the Kuvings Juicer Motiv1 and the smoothie + ice cream accessories. 

Kuvings Health friend smart juicer Motiv1 is a new generation, an innovative juicer with sensors to obtain information regarding the health of a person. Sensors built on the juicer will recommend your juice recipe depending on your health.  These sensors assess body data in seconds, you can also add your personal data and specification like muscle building, increasing skin appearance also in the app for optimal recipes.

The main features of this innovative Motiv1juicer are

  • You can make your own customized juice that suits your body.
  • The juice extraction technique will ensure that you will only get the original and fresh juice including vitamins and nutrients.
  • Imported directly from the service center of kuvings.
  • A large amount of Juice Extraction thanks to the large open filling.
  • All the information regarding your body health is transmitted to health friend fitness and health app via Bluetooth.
  • Quieter and easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Same extraction system than the Kuvings EVO820

Technical Specification of the Kuvings Health Friend Smart Juicer MOTIV1

  • External dimensions: 255 x 175 x 457 mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Rated power: 240W
  • Nominal voltage: 220-240 V
  • Fuse: 250 V, 5 A
  • Nominal frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rotation speed: 60 rpm
  • Duration of uninterrupted use: 30 min
  • Guarantee: 5 years for private use